How Many People Visit Virginia Beach A Year

How Many People Visit Virginia Beach A Year

According to data provided by, the number of visitors to Virginia Beach in 2019 amounted to more than 19 million people. A significant portion of these visitors were day-trippers, with over 8.9 million people choosing to spend time in the region during the daytime. This is a noteworthy increase of almost 10 percent from 2016. Overnight stays in the area also saw a rise, with 10.1 million people opting to spend the night in Virginia Beach - a 5 percent increase from the preceding year. Among these overnight visitors, approximately 7.4 million people chose to stay in commercial accommodations such as hotels or motels. These statistics demonstrate the enduring appeal of Virginia Beach as a travel destination and the growth of the tourism industry in the region.

Last year, Virginia Beach welcomed 19 million visitors, of which 8.9 million were day visitors, indicating a growth of nearly 10 percent from the previous year. The remaining 10.1 million visitors stayed overnight in the area, marking a 5 percent increase from the year before. Out of the overnight visitors, 7.4 million people spent their nights in hotels, motels, and other lodging options. These figures suggest a thriving tourism industry in Virginia Beach, which is highly attractive to both day and overnight travelers seeking a unique coastal experience.

What is the population of Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach is a densely populated, independent city situated on the southeastern coast of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. With a population of 450,189 people in 2018, it is the most populous city in the state and the 44th most populous city in the country. While primarily suburban in character, Virginia Beach boasts an array of urban amenities. The city is accessible by train, among other modes of transportation, with six distinct options available for travel from Ashburn to Virginia Beach.

Since its incorporation as a town in 1906, Virginia Beach has been a popular seasonal vacation destination. Over the years, the city has replaced its original casinos with family-oriented attractions and amusement parks to attract a wider audience. The opening of The Cavalier Hotel added to the popularity of Virginia Beach. The city's impressive growth as a vacation hotspot is a testament to its enduring appeal to tourists.

Does Virginia Beach attract tourism?

Located in the southeastern region of Virginia, Virginia Beach is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors each year. With a population of over 450,000 people, it is the largest city in the state. The local economy is diverse, with a heavy reliance on tourism, military and defense industries, and agriculture. Virginia Beach boasts a wide range of natural resources, including miles of beaches, lakes, and wetlands, which provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreational activities. The city also hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Neptune Festival and Patriotic Festival, which contribute to its cultural vibrancy and appeal. Additionally, Virginia Beach is home to a thriving agribusiness industry, which includes a local farmer's market and community-supported agriculture programs.

How many parks are there in Virginia Beach?

The city of Virginia Beach boasts a vast array of green spaces, with over 210 city parks spanning more than 4,000 acres. This collection includes various types of parks, such as neighborhood, community, district, and open spaces, providing residents and visitors with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Among these parks is Mount Trashmore, which is easily recognizable from I-264 en route to the oceanfront.

Virginia Beach boasts an extensive network of 293 parks and park facilities, covering a vast area of over 7,000 acres. These parks comprise a range of types, including neighborhood and community parks, metro parks, signature parks, natural areas, waterway accesses, trail linkages, open space preservation areas, and park athletic facilities. Each of these spaces caters to the diverse needs of residents and visitors, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation, sports, conservation, and relaxation. The abundance and variety of parks in Virginia Beach testify to the city's commitment to preserving its natural resources and promoting a healthy lifestyle for its residents.

How does Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation impact the quality of life?

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of life for its residents by improving their physical and mental well-being. The department effectively manages a large-scale operation comprising 293 city park sites, over 7,000 acres of parks and natural areas, seven community recreation centers, a municipal marina, and an athletic complex. Through its efforts, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation exemplifies its commitment to promote the public's health and vitality and contribute to the city's livability.

How many state parks are in Virginia?

In 1936, the state of Virginia inaugurated its entire state park system consisting of six parks - Seashore State Park (now First Landing State Park), Westmoreland State Park, Staunton River State Park, Douthat State Park, Fairy Stone State Park, and Hungry Mother State Park. Over the years, the park system has expanded and currently manages multiple parks.

Where are the best parks in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach boasts a variety of parks that cater to different preferences and interests. From the family-friendly attractions at Mount Trashmore Park to the natural beauty of First Landing State Park, visitors can explore a diverse range of landscapes and activities. Additionally, the city's commitment to sustainability is evident in their development of the Pleasure House Point Natural Area and the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, providing protected habitats for wildlife and preserving marshlands. Furthermore, just a short distance away in Norfolk, Town Point Park offers a modern and bustling riverfront scene with shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Overall, Virginia Beach's parks offer a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature.

What is Virginia Beach known for?

Virginia Beach boasts an extensive range of outdoor attractions and recreational activities that cater to all interests. With more than 4,000 acres of city and state parks, national refuges, and 120 miles of waterways, visitors are spoilt for choice. The area's year-round mild climate allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Whether it's hiking, cycling, kayaking, or boating, visitors can explore the great outdoors in a variety of ways. Virginia Beach is an ideal destination for those seeking an outdoor adventure, and its diversity makes it a perfect place to enjoy nature in all its glory.

According to recent statistics, Virginia Beach attracted 19 million visitors in total in the previous year, comprising of 8.9 million day visitors and 10.1 million overnight visitors. This represents a respective increase of approximately 10 percent and 5 percent compared to the previous year. Of the overnight visitors, 7.4 million opted to stay overnight in Virginia Beach. These figures reflect the city's increasing appeal as a destination for both day and overnight tourism.

How many people visit Virginia Beach each year?

According to a survey conducted by Continental Research Foundation on behalf of the City of Virginia Beach, the VBTES Corridor receives approximately 6.8 million day visitors and 5.9 million overnight guests each year. These findings were detailed in the VBTES DEIS Preliminary Review Draft PDF, which provides an environmental analysis of the area and its visitor industry. These statistics demonstrate the significance of the VBTES Corridor as a destination for both day trips and longer stays, and underscore the importance of managing the environmental impact of tourism in the region.

How many Africans lived in Virginia in 1650?

By the year 1650, Virginia had a population of around 300 Africans, who were living as indentured servants alongside approximately 4000 white indentured people. It wasn't until 1661 that a law was passed in the colony to officially classify Africans as slaves. Despite their numbers, Africans in Virginia were not granted the same legal recognition and protections as white indentured servants. Instead, they were subjected to the same harsh working conditions and limited freedoms as their white counterparts. These early African indentured servants played an important role in the development of Virginia's economy and society, paving the way for the growth of slavery in the years to come.

When is the best time to visit Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach is an excellent destination to experience coastal culture from late May to early September when beachfront activities are in full effect. However, it is essential to note that this is also the peak season, resulting in overcrowding in the city and along the beach. Moreover, hotel rates at the beachfront tend to be higher during this period, beginning from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Consequently, visitors need to carefully plan their trips to Virginia Beach, taking into account the peak season's advantages and disadvantages.

What are the best beaches in Virginia?

Virginia Beach, VA is an enchanting destination that offers something for everyone, from surfing enthusiasts to kayakers seeking a peaceful experience on the water. According to locals, Croatan Beach and the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier are two recommended spots for pro surfers. Travelers looking for a more serene experience can rent a kayak and paddle in Sandbridge's crystal clear waters while admiring the abundant sea life, such as dolphins, turtles, and fish. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, Virginia Beach, VA delivers an unforgettable experience for all.

There are a multitude of attractions to explore while visiting Virginia Beach, catering to a variety of budgets. One may opt for the complimentary options such as the numerous parks and beaches available, or delve into pricier experiences through museums, aquariums, tours, and amusement parks. Regardless of choice, each location holds its own allure that invokes a sense of wonder and enjoyment for visitors.

Why should you visit Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach offers a plethora of engaging activities and attractions that are sure to provide an unforgettable vacation experience. Visitors can enjoy amusement parks, state parks, botanical gardens, museums, and bustling shopping districts, featuring both upscale and retail stores. With such a diverse range of options available, there is something for everyone to discover and enjoy. From thrilling amusement park rides to peaceful nature walks, Virginia Beach has something to cater to all interests and preferences. Whether visiting with family or exploring solo, the city's vast selection of activities guarantees a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation that will create lasting memories.

Where are the best beaches in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach, situated on the eastern coast of the United States, is a popular destination for holidaymakers seeking to enjoy the city's world-renowned beaches. The most sought-after stretch of sand runs north of the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, adjacent to a host of premium hotels. One of the city's most iconic landmarks, the Neptune Statue, is also located in this area. During the summer season, Virginia Beach is a hive of activity, with tourists flocking to the area to bask in the warm sunshine and soak up the tranquil surroundings.

What are the best amusement parks in Virginia Beach?

The Atlantic Fun Park, a prominent oceanfront amusement park located in Virginia Beach, boasts an array of at least 16 rides, multiple food stands, midway games, and a go-kart track. As one of the top amusement parks in Virginia Beach, the Atlantic Fun Park offers visitors and their companions a thrilling experience with its thrilling rides and fun games. Situated within a prime location, it proves to be a great destination for anyone looking for endless excitement and entertainment.

What are some fun things to do in Virginia Beach for couples?

Motor World is a popular amusement park in Virginia Beach that offers a range of exciting activities for visitors. The park's main attraction is the go-kart rides, which provide an adrenaline-pumping experience. In addition, Motor World features a paintball arena, a miniature golf course, and small rides, all of which add to the overall fun of the park. For couples searching for fun things to do in Virginia Beach, Motor World is an excellent option. The park's variety of activities ensures that there is something for everyone. Overall, Motor World is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a thrilling and enjoyable experience in Virginia Beach.

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