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The VISIT FLORIDA research department studies global consumer trends and travel patterns to learn more about Florida's visitors and their preferences. This link takes you to key statistics on Florida travel from the annual Visitor Study.

 Local tourism research and data provide valuable insight needed to help you make the best marketing decisions possible.

View monthly and annual visitor profile reports, and review the results of the comprehensive 2007 Attitude & Usage Study Summary. A 20-year recap report provides a long-term view of the local tourism industry climate.

This section also gives a numerical picture of tourism's powerful impact on the area, and includes information on how local bed tax funds are allocated.

Provides data collection related to economic impact, competitive market analysis, interpretation of national and regional research studies, and special reports on unique situations affecting tourism in the Daytona Beach area. This important data helps to steer and measure marketing campaigns to ensure that the desired results and objectives are met.

Before marketing comes research. After all, having a clear picture of industry trends, profiles, and economic data gives you the foundation for understanding who your target markets are, what they want, and how to market to them.

Experience Kissimmee is continually conducting research and gathering information that helps us plan and develop our programs and campaigns. We make this research available to our industry partners to help them do the same.

Kissimee Florida

Visit Orlando's Official Research provides the most up-to-date market information and insights into Orlando's tourism industry.

Available information includes visitor volume, visitor profiles, trip characteristics, hotel industry performance, convention center attendance, and other key measures of tourism in the Greater Orlando area.

Destination Profile, Annual Visitor Report, Monthly Visitor Report
Links to the 2012 Value of Tourism. Within this document you will find tourism research including the number of visitors to Hillsborough County in 2012, the economic and employment impacts of the Visitor Industry, visitor travel origins, length of stay, spending habits and more.





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